What to Ask When Touring a Child Care Center

It can be difficult enough going back to work after having a baby, trying to find a child care center shouldn’t make it more difficult. With so many centers in the San Antonio area, and many of them having limited, if any availability for new children, it can be a frustrating and challenging job finding a center that you are confident in and can trust your child’s education to. Don’t just accept the first center that has space, find one that you can trust in by asking these very important questions to learn the most about the potential learning center. At The Pillar Christian Learning Center, we strive to be a learning center that combines all of your wants and needs into one passionate, caring, and nurturing learning center. Contact us today to learn more.

Education vs. Play Time

Having a balanced combination of learning and play time will ensure that your child’s education will have a solid foundation and his or her development will be strong with a time to relax and allow their imagination to grow. Infants should be able to play with learning tools such as blocks, balls, and shapes. Toddlers can have fun learning the alphabet and numbers. School age kids should have an opportunity to work on homework. While a traditional education is important for any child, they also need a time and a space in which to play and have fun with other children.

early childhood developmentTeacher to Student Ratio

There are many centers who are filled to capacity and attention towards the children is lacking. When there are numerous children and just a handful of teachers, it can be challenging for the upkeep of the center to remain where it should be. If there is a good balance between the number of students and teachers, more attention and care will be given.

Communication and Feedback

Communication between parents and the learning center is essential for the parents when they put so much trust in the center. If there are behavioral problems, how will that be communicated to you? Is there a reward method for students with good behavior? Asking how these things will be communicated to you will allow you to have a higher confidence in the center.


A children’s early learning center should have a plan regarding education and have a curriculum set in place. A center that is focused on child development can have time that is for homework and learning alone, but without a solid curriculum, there might be key information that is being left out. If you want your child to be a part of a faith-based organization, consider the type of curriculum as well.

Teacher Qualifications and Certifications

When your child’s education is in the hands of others, you want to be sure that they are qualified. Your child’s development can be influenced by many things and having the most qualified influence is crucial to their developing education. Ask any potential learning center about certifications as well. First Aid and CPR certifications should be on the list.

early learningNutrition

Early childhood development, as well as having a strong and healthy growing child is essential for any new parent. If there are meals provided at the learning center, ask about what types of foods will be served. Starting with a good healthy meal can help your child remain focused and attentive throughout the day.


Whether it’s you, your child, or the teachers who are sick, ask about what policies are in place when an inevitable sickness occurs. If you child is sick, do they need to stay home? If the teachers are sick, does the center shut down for the day? Learning this ahead of time will prevent any difficulty with scheduling time off from work and will give you a chance to plan ahead.

If you’re looking for a faith-based organization that is focused on the development and education of your child, contact The Pillars Learning Center today. We strive to give your child a traditional education at our learning center and want you to be confident in the care that we provide.