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The foundation needed for a lifetime of success and achievement begins with excellent education, intentional faith formation, and strong, loving relationships.

We know you love your child and want the best possible education for them. Give them the start they need so they can go on to do amazing things.
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At The Pillars Christian Learning Center,

Our mission is to provide high-quality early childhood education while instilling and exemplifying Christian Values. Our vision is to partner with you as a parent to build your child a firm foundation for a lifetime of success and achievement — in their academics, their relationships, and their Faith.

We believe that every child deserves a faith-based, high-quality education that is close to home.

Knowing that your child is in the best possible care gives you the peace of mind that you need as a parent. We believe in offering this peace of mind to as many local families as possible. That’s why you can find Pillars locations in more and more areas around Texas all the time. Growth is in our DNA. But it’s about more than providing peace of mind. Why is serving more families in more communities so important to us? Because we believe that together with the families we serve, we are raising the next generation of leaders in our communities. Children who grow up on a foundation of faith and excellent education will lead others with Compassion, Integrity, and Excellence. We think that’s the Pillars Difference.

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Success Starts at The Pillars . . . but doesn't end there!

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Our smallest friends, infants ages 6 weeks through 11 months, are provided a nurturing and peaceful setting as they start to understand the world around them. With parent or guardian guidance, we implement a daily feeding, changing and naptime schedule with simple rituals that mirror what you do at home.


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Designed for 12- to 24-month-olds, our Toddlers Program is all about transition and child development. We get introduced to all kinds of cool, new things like letters, numbers, and colors. Our days are full and include fun, active and quiet play periods. Daily activities include learning songs, dancing to music, enjoying outside play, working on puzzles and reading picture books.


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2s and 3s

There’s so much that our 2s and 3s have to discover. These age groups are immersed in our award-winning curriculum, interactive learning centers and circle time. There’s dress-up, role playing, story time, musical instruments, puzzles, blocks galore and much, much more.


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Pre -K

This is an important year, as our four-year-olds prepare to go to “big school!” The curriculum focuses on math and literacy and preschoolers begin to grasp basic math concepts and reading. They also engage in science projects, art activities, music and the study of other cultures.


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By Pre-K Graduation, Pillars students scored 15% higher on Reading Readiness, Phonological Awareness, Math, Science and Social Emotional Behaviors than the regional average. To us, this is proof positive that a learning center with a holistic approach to every student as an individual can provide the best preparedness for the journey that comes next — Elementary School.


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High School

Studies show that children who have access to high quality early childhood education do better in elementary school, earn better grades in high school, garner higher test scores, are more likely to go to college. Students without that access can lag behind their peers in development by up to 18 months.


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College & Beyond

Those same studies indicate that children who attend programs like ours are more likely to obtain post graduate degrees, have higher incomes, more stable social networks, and are more well-rounded adults. We believe Pillars students go on to become Pillars themselves –Pillars of strength and leadership in their communities.

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Partnering with your family for the growth and development of your children is a great honor and huge responsibility.

So we strive to do our part and be excellent. For you, your children, and your family. Here’s some highlights..
Preschool Education in Helotes Texas

Experience Early Learning Curriculum

A research-based program that nurtures the whole child in all areas of development.
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Fresh Daily Menus

Each day our students receive two meals and one snack using high quality, chef prepared food. These meals/snacks are covered in your tuition.

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CPR Certified Team Members

Every team member has been trained and is CPR certified to ensure our facilities are always in the safest of hands.

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Advanced Teaching Certifications

We encourage and empower our teachers to continually take professional development courses. As such, the majority of our teachers hold CDA certifications

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Accommodate Cloth Diapers + Breastfeeding Moms

It’s our job to partner with how you’re raising your child. If you’re using cloth diapers and/or breastfeeding, you’re welcome here!

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The Four Pillars

We are driven by the four pillars and use these to make decisions each and every day. Compassion. Integrity. Development. Faith.

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5-Star Reviews

Krista Howard
3 months ago
Our family LOVES the Pillars, especially the Singing Hills location! We have only used the Pillars for the Mission Club, which is their after school care and summer camps for ages 5-12. The teachers are engaging with their activities and I love the structure of day rather than a free for all kind of day. Our family has been with the Pillars since August 22' and continues to stay at the Pillars rather than move to other cheaper competitors because of the trust we have in the facility and the caregivers!
Becky Lewis
3 months ago
We have been to several other daycares in the area. I can honestly say The Pillars is where my child has felt the safest, most loved, and has learned the most. He loves coming to The Pillars every day after school and their summer program is amazing!
Amber Rutledge
3 months ago
Ms Danielle in the bridge class is awesome! Since she’s been back in this classroom it is clean (floor and tables), the kiddos really like her and listen to her! My kiddo seems to be getting sick less also (more frequent hand washing) and she’s awesome at communicating with how your kids day went!
Katrina Cadena
3 months ago
We love the Pillars for our two kids. It's hard being away from them, so knowing that they both have teachers who love and care for them while we're not there gives us such peace of mind. We also love how Christ-Centric the curriculum is and that they learn Bible stories every day!
Meira Bodiford
3 months ago
My daughter loves going to the after school program everyday. They truly make her feel welcome.

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