The Role of Playing in Childhood Development

It seems that in recent days, there has been less time playing outside, and more time spent in classrooms learning. There has been plenty of research showing that playtime is crucial for child development and nurtures child education and growth. When so much focus is put on test scores and hard facts showing that children are learning, there is less time for this non-structured education. There are countless reasons why children need to take a break from sitting down, get outside or away from their desks and give their mind a break. At The Pillars Christian Learning Center, we are more than just a child care center, we are dedicated to giving your children the best education and development opportunities.

Play is Healthy

Our bodies need to move and stretch out. When we allow children to play, we promote healthy movement and activity that can have a life-long benefit. Play will help prevent obesity, as issue that has plagued children and young adults recently.

child care centerPlay Reduces Stress

School can be stressful, especially for students who need to release pent up energy. Playing gives children a chance to relieve stress naturally, without anger or frustration.

Play IS Learning

There are many different beneficial aspects to playtime, and there are many different types of playing as well (check back for a blog on different types of play!), including unoccupied play, independent play, and constructive play. With so many opportunities to play, children are also receiving an education.

Play Time!

Making sure that children have time to play is important for any child care center. Allowing kids a break from their books and to get outside and jump around can help promote cognitive, physical, and social development. But they need the time to be able to do so.

Pchild developmentlay Outside

Play can take many different forms as well. Construction blocks or playing house with bears or Barbies are great indoor activities. It is important to get outside as well. Playing in the snow, at a park, or playing soccer with neighborhood children are incredibly beneficial outdoor activities.

Play Instincts

Children are amazing at being able to entertain themselves. Give them a pot and wooden spoon or some watercolors and paper and they can stay busy for hours. Let children figure out how to play on their own as well as having structured games.

Play Smart

Toddlers especially don’t realize when they are learning and when they are playing if it is the right activity. Playing cashier or restaurant with young kids will give them a chance to listen to orders, count out money, and socialize with others.

The Pillars Christian Learning Center and childcare love being a part of your child’s education by nurturing and teaching them. We are proud of our community of faith that promotes playtime as well as a traditional education and exceptional care that we would want for our own children. We want our child care center to be a place where you are confident in our experience and you trust that your children are receiving the care and attention they need. Contact our learning center to learn more about our faith based education and how we implement playtime.