Helping Your Baby Learn

New babies are learning constantly. They are seeing new things with their eyes, exploring the world with their hands, and taking in everything that they hear around them. Every interaction a baby has with another human is important to their development. If you’re looking for a child care center for your new infant, you want a community that focuses on a child’s development and learning. You want to know that the moment you drop off your baby, they will be receiving the attention and care they need to learn and grow. Our staff not only has the experienced needed to care for your child, but they have advanced degrees that show they are passionate about your child’s learning and development. Here are some of the ways we will nurture your infant in our daycare to ensure a successful education.


Even though your baby might not be able to respond, it is important for a baby to hear and listen to words spoken by an adult. When your baby coos or giggles, we will have a conversation with them to help them grow accustomed to language and voices. Infants will also learn that cooing in response to an adult’s words is how a conversation works.


There are many different types of games that will help an infant develop and at different stages as well. Letting an infant play with their hands will help with their motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. Playing with mirrors, musical toys, and large objects will help them become aware of their body, the surrounding environment, and learn how to control their muscles.

infant daycareSongs

Singing with your child is similar to having a conversation with them. Songs like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or “Ring-Around-the-Rosy” have motions and actions that can help grow large and small motor skills. They will begin to learn different sounds of consonants and vowels. When there is a back and forth between adult and infant, there is eye contact being made. Playing Peek-a-boo or patty cake can combine language skills and motor skills.


Reading to your child or allowing them to simply look at books will help them understand words and pictures, even when they aren’t necessarily speaking the words. Your child will have access to books with thick pages for an infant to hold onto, and large and colorful pictures for them to look and point at. When reading an animal book, we will join your child in pointing to pictures and responding with what it is and what noise it makes so that they can do the same.

Through different methods of learning for each stage of your infant’s life, there are ways for us to teach them and for them to learn. Whether it’s reading, playing, or napping, each activity that your child is involved with will aid in their development. At The Pillars Christian Learning Center, we strive to give your child the opportunity and the tools they need to succeed. From infants to toddler’s education, our child care center is more than just a day care. We offer a community of faith using principles that foster caring, compassion, and most importantly, learning. Give us a call today to learn more.