Education and Healthy Nutrition

People of all ages need to have a diet full of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins in order to have energy for the day. For children, it is not only important to have a healthy diet, but it is essential for them to develop properly and grow strong. When you drop off your child at our learning center, you can be confident that they are receiving the nutrition they need to focus throughout the day, have the energy to play, and get the vitamins and minerals they need to grow strong and healthy bodies. We want to instill in them a love for healthy food and get them in the habit of being active so they can be healthy and stay healthy for strong development.

Bones and Muscles

Children’s bodies change drastically from infancy when they are crawling and beginning to walk to toddlers who are walking, running, and playing sports. Proper nutrition during this time is essential for children’s bodies to have what they need to continue growing. Calcium for bones will help give their bodies the support they need and protein for muscles for bodies to become strong. Foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt are perfect foods to support bone health. Proteins like eggs and peanut butter are kid friendly and will promote muscle strength so children can run and play without harming their muscles.

Prevent Deficiencies

Children don’t necessarily need to understand why eating healthy is important, they don’t even need to know that what they are eating is healthy, as long as they are getting the benefits from healthy foods. When consuming foods like fresh fruits such as apples and berries, green vegetables like broccoli, children are receiving nutrients that aid in body and brain development. Eating these foods will also prevent deficiencies that can cause rickets and scurvy, which used to be problems before the importance of proper nutrition was known.

early childhood developmentObesity

Childhood obesity and type two diabetes are becoming more common but can be prevented through proper nutrition. Our child care and learning center is passionate about children’s health and strive to teach children a healthy diet in order to prevent these problems. Children learn through example, so by eating healthy and giving them an opportunity to eat healthy themselves, they can make eating a balanced diet a habit from early on.


It is clear that nutrition and learning are closely tied together. When a child misses breakfast, they are more likely to have a harder time concentrating and learning during school than a child who has a hearty breakfast. Food is fuel for toddler’s bodies and will help them focus on learning. Not only breakfast, but energy boosting snacks throughout the day can help children bridge the gap in between meals.

Early childhood development is about learning and experiencing the world through new eyes. This learning will be enhanced with a healthy diet and nutrition. Our children’s learning center provides a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks to encourage a habit of healthy living. We are passionate about your child’s education and we want to aid in that education by providing an opportunity to create healthy habits. Give us a call today to learn more about our traditional education program and how we promote healthy living through balanced nutrition.