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Summer is Almost Here!

Learning the whole year round is essential in keeping kids’ brains active. Whether you have kids at a child care center or at home with you, when school isn’t in session it doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! The wonderful thing about children is that they can learn through a variety of activities that will appear as a game they played during a fun afternoon. Child education doesn’t have to be straight out of books or fact sheets, at The Pillars Christian Learning Center, we spend time with the kids outside in the world where they can interact with nature and learn from experience. Here are some activities your child can look forward to this summer.

Start a Rock Collection

Take a group of children to a park with a lake where the ground is soft and let them dig to their heart’s content! Texas and San Antonio especially has a rich geological history when the land used to be covered with water. The kids can search for rocks of different colors and let them feel the different textures of the rocks to see if they can separate different types. Maybe they’ll find one with a fossil!

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Learning about chemistry without studying formulas and compounds is easy with cooking. A simple cookie recipe can teach them how to follow directions, being mindful of safety, and they finish the project with a delicious treat. They can make french toast for breakfast, English muffin pizzas, or something more involved like a birthday cake. If you want to try something really cool, try making ice cream in a bag. The quick treat will give them a unique experience and they can choose their own flavors!

Child CareTake a Walk

Not only does spending time outside make for some great exercise, but the kids can also play a game of “I Spy.” On the way to the park for a rock collecting expedition, instruct the kids to keep their eyes and ears open to what is around them. Birds, dogs, little critters, people, trees, flowers, the world an adventurous place and it starts just outside the door. Talk to them about what they see and hear so they can learn to use all of their senses.

A Lesson in Biology

This at-home activity uses a white sheet and a flashlight. After the sun sets, see what kind of insects and bugs land on the sheet. A simple lesson in biology will let children see up close the creatures that live in their own back yard. If you can’t name all of the insects, take pictures of them and look them up at the library or online the next day.

Learning is easy when the activity is fun and interesting. This summer at The Pillars Christian Learning Center, we can’t wait to teach your kids about the world around them. Child development is more than just reading from textbooks. At our child care center, we want to nurture the children’s imagination with a faith-based education. Call our daycare to learn more about our child education programs.