Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?

If you think your child is ready to make the transition from home life to preschool, read this previous blog for tips to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you aren’t sure if you should make the decision for them to start school, there are a few things to consider.

After reading this post, if you decide to wait a year to start at a daycare, there’s no need to worry or fret that your child will have educational or social struggles later on in life. Some believe that it could actually be beneficial for young kids to wait a year to begin schooling. If you have any questions or concerns, contact a teacher at one of our San Antonio locations.

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A three or four-year-old doesn’t need to do everything on their own in order to start preschool or kindergarten; we don’t expect your kids to pick up a book or prepare a snack by themselves. But kids who are able to entertain themselves and be able to make simple decisions on their own will fare much better in a daycare environment. If your child can play without guidance for a short period of time, or pick something to play with on their own, they can handle the independence of school.


Communication skills can range for toddlers, so it’s not necessary to talk in complete sentences, but it’s beneficial to be able to say that they need to go to the bathroom, they want a snack, or to express other needs. Communication is also being able and willing to listen to directions, such as listen, sit down, or follow me. Children at the preschool age should also understand empathy and the wants and needs of other kids to a certain degree.


Daycare San AntonioA majority of learning activities at a daycare center are within 10 to 20 minutes, so it’s important for children to be able to remain focused and attentive during the activity. If you are able to read a short picture book at home and they sit, listen, and are engaged until the end, they should be able to handle the activities at a school. Being able to follow directions is also a good sign they are ready. Don’t worry if they are distracted sometimes; this is typical for young children in a new, fun environment. It’s important they are able to come back to the task or activity.


It’s ok if your days aren’t always kept to a strict schedule, but being used to certain activities happening at a certain time will make the transition easier. Things like eating, napping, and reading at the same time throughout each day, or even waking up consistently and packing a lunch box each morning are methods of preparing and incorporating a schedule into your days. If your child is familiar with a schedule, preschool will be a breeze.

A child going into preschool at a daycare facility is an exciting change for everyone involved, but making sure they are ready is important to ensure that they will get the most out of their time. At The Pillars Christian Learning Center, we can’t wait to get started teaching your little ones. Learn more about our team and contact us today with any questions or to register your child.