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Why Parents Should Invite Their Kids Into the Kitchen

Do you remember the first time you helped bake some cookies growing up? Or helped out preparing dinner? From dumping a cup of flour into a bowl to stirring a pot of soup, baking or cooking can be a huge benefit for children who help their parents in the kitchen. The Pillars Christian Learning Center is a daycare in San Antonio that wants your children to get a wide range of learning experiences that will help build a foundation for a successful future. And what better way to teach your kids about food, chemistry, and healthy living than by having them help out with dinner?

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Expands Their Horizons

When young children come to the dinner table, there’s a good chance there are a few foods that they will turn their nose up to and just refuse to eat. Even wonderful foods like carrots, fish, eggs, and avocado can make children squirm in their seats. But when they help out with making dinner, they are more likely to have a higher appreciation for the foods. When they break up broccoli into pieces or scramble some eggs, they can see the process of making food, instead of simply being served a plate full of foreign looking foods. The more children know, the more excited they will be about experiencing new things. Our daycare strives to give your children plenty of new experiences.

Math Skills

Math may always be one of those subjects that can be difficult for some kids. With baking and cooking, math can be incorporated in fun ways. If a cookie recipe calls for two cups of flour, give your child a half cup so they can count to four when pouring the flour in. Even at a young age, this simple task can be a great way to familiarize them with math. And they won’t complain about eating some cookies after they’re done. The Pillars Christian Learning Center and daycare wants to make math fun so they aren’t scared of it later on.

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Healthy Eating

Instead of dreading a trip to the grocery store, it can be like going to the toy store when kids have an understanding of how food works. Walk through the produce section and talk about colors, fruits and vegetables, find the section of nuts, and walk by the seafood department to explore the variety of fish. You don’t need to be a nutritionist to be able to teach them about having a variety of colorful and healthy foods in the cart and on their plate.

Life Skills

Just like riding a bike, swimming, or reading, knowing how to cook is an important life skill. When the time comes to move out of their childhood home, being able to shop for healthy foods and prepare them will ensure that they remain strong and healthy without the loving supervision of mom and dad.

A priority for teachers at The Pillars Christian Learning Center and daycare is making sure your children have the support they need now to help them make positive decisions in the future. Even something as simple as dumping in a bag of chocolate chips into the cookie dough can set them up to have a bright and successful future. If you need a daycare facility that loves teaching children about the world, contact The Pillars Christian Learning Center in San Antonio today.