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Enjoy Healthy Habits Through the Holidays

In the last blog post, we discussed the importance of inviting your kids into the kitchen to learn about eating healthy and promoting a love for food. Loving food definitely has its benefits, especially for children who are prone to picky eating, but heading into the holiday season, loving food also has its drawbacks. With Halloween candy, big meals and desserts for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and holiday party snacks, our diets can take a beating. For kids, it’s even more important to be aware of what they are eating. At The Pillars Christian Learning Center and daycare, we are passionate about the health of your children and want only the best for them as we enter this eating frenzy.

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Have a Snack Before Going to a Party

When you know you’re headed out to a holiday party that will have tables full of delicious snacks, sugary drinks, and sweet desserts, don’t go hungry. Showing up at a holiday party when you and your kids are hungry means that you have limited options to have a healthy meal and are more likely to overeat. You don’t need to have a complete meal before going, but an apple or half of a sandwich can help curb hunger and make it easier to skip the second piece of pie.

Set an Example

When your kids see you grab a handful of cookies or go back for a second helping of stuffing at Thanksgiving, they will want the same thing. If you have a plate full of vegetables or even a piece of pumpkin pie sans whipped cream, these choices will make it easier for your kids to follow your example. Halloween can be an especially difficult time for kids to maintain healthy habits. Allow them only a piece or two of their stash a day, and make sure they eat a full dinner before they dive into the candy.

Day Care San AntonioAvoid Sweet Drinks

Punch and sodas are plentiful at holiday parties and events, and it can be tempting for kids to fill up on just sugary drinks. This can lead to overly hyper children who are then hooked on soda. For an equally enjoyable drink, mix 100 percent fruit juice with some club soda or seltzer. They can get that carbonated taste with less sugar. Our daycare tries to teach our students the importance of healthy eating and instilling healthy drinking habits.

Keep a Routine

When there is a consistent schedule, you and your kids will find it’s easier to continue eating healthy foods even among various holiday parties. If there is a party that starts at 7:00 and dinner is typically at 5:00, keep it that way. You can still enjoy some snacks at the party but your routine won’t be thrown off. On the other hand, it’s important to have fun throughout these months. Our daycare loves throwing parties and we want everyone to be able to relax as well as keeping an eye on what we’re eating.

Stay Active

Another part of staying healthy during the holidays is maintaining an active lifestyle. Try involving kids with outdoor chores such as raking up leaves or picking up sticks. Playing in piles of leaves is also a fun and classic way to enjoy the fall weather. Put together a family flag football game or dancing around the house to Christmas music are other ideas.

The Pillars Christian Learning Center and daycare is excited to share the holidays with you and your children. For a tour of our daycare facility in San Antonio, give us a call today.