Teaching Your Child To Share

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The concept of sharing is a little bit easier for kids who grew up with siblings than for kids who grow up only children. Teaching your children the concept of sharing in general can sometimes prove to be challenging, and since it is a very important skill to have, we’ve dedicated this blog post to providing you with a few helpful tips on how to teach your child to share.

Start Young

Whether it’s going to church, playing sports or practicing handwriting, it’s always best to introduce anything that you want your child to develop while they’re young. The experiences that we have as children can make a lasting impact on us for years to come, and the habits that we develop as children can stick with us in the same way. By helping your child gain a better understand of sharing while they’re young, they’ll be able to put the lessons that they’ve learned into practice when the time comes for them to start daycare or school, , knowing that sharing is a good thing to do and a generous quality to have as a person. Using examples from the Bible can also be helpful; show them how Jesus was a selfless and giving man.

Don’t Force The Issue

One common mistake that parents sometimes make when trying to teach their children about sharing is being too aggressive and forcing their child into sharing. By doing this, your child is simply sharing because they are being told to do so by a parent, not because they actually want to or understand why it’s good to do so. While this is not only a bad way to get your child to understand sharing, it can create overall feelings of negativity when a scenario involving sharing arises. By being forced into sharing, your child could very well only affiliate sharing with negativity as opposed to positivity, viewing it as something that they have no choice but to give in to.

Help Them See the Positive Effects of Sharing

As adults, we fully understand that sharing is a positive thing. Sharing whatever it is that we have is a way to help out someone else in need, someone that we love, or someone that we feel could use a helping hand. We know that sharing with others is a rewarding experience, but for children who are just starting to understand it, they may not always understand this. When you see your child in a scenario that involves sharing, help them see the effect of it. Whether it’s sharing a toy or snack with a fellow classmate or friend, don’t let the positivity of sharing get lost on your child. Show them the effect that sharing has with the person they are sharing with , and how it makes them feel happy. Seeing their friend or peer happy will make your child happy, and it will better illustrate to them how the entire process works, and how it’s a positive thing.

Sharing Is A Two Way Street

It’s never a bad idea to remind your child of the golden rule, to treat others in the way that they wish to be treated. With this in mind, help them see that them sharing with others is a way of showing that person that they would appreciate the other person doing the same for them. Surely, there will be a time when your child will want someone else to share with them, and by allowing them to be in someone else’s shoes will help them better understand how sharing works. Additionally, they’ll be able to better understand how the other person feels, which is something that is always beneficial for young children to do.

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Those are just a few ways that you can help teach your child about sharing. The Pillars Christian Learning Academy aims to provide you with a top level San Antonio day care center, staffed by passionate instructors who are committed to providing your child with a high quality education. To learn more about our San Antonio Christian day care center, contact the Pillars Christian Learning Academy today.