Cool Places to Visit in San Antonio with Your Preschooler

If you are planning to go on a sunny family vacation, there are plenty of places you can visit in the country. But if you’re interested in going somewhere that is a bit more off the beaten path, consider San Antonio, TX.

San Antonio is an ideal vacation destination for families, especially those who have young children. There are plenty of great theme parks, attractions and activities everyone in the family will enjoy.

Make the most of your getaway and visit the following places in San Antonio with your preschooler.


The DoSeum

The DoSeum is not your ordinary museum! It is the only one of its kind in San Antonio. It is unique because unlike most museums where children can only look and listen, The DoSeum allows kids to learn by doing, tinkering and creating. Your preschooler will get the chance to engage in hands-on experiences and interactive play. There are also exciting activities designed for adults. The DoSeum is really a perfect place for a fun bonding experience with the family.

Animal Encounters at SeaWorld San Antonio

At Animal Encounters at SeaWorld San Antonio, you and your kids can get the chance to have a close encounter with aquatic animals. You can see some amazing underwater creatures up close, such as dolphins, sea lions, penguins, stingrays, beluga whales, alligators and a lot more. In some areas of the park, your children will also get the chance to pet the animals. And to make the experience even more exciting, there are some programs that will allow kids to hop in the water for real-life interaction with the sea lions, dolphins and beluga whales!

Aquatica San Antonio

Aquatica San Antonio is also one of the fun places to go in San Antonio, TX. This one should be your destination if your preschooler loves to go swimming and enjoys water adventures. Aquatica San Antonio features sandy beaches, a lazy river, a giant wave pool, toddler pool, a family raft ride, water slides and a surf area. This resort is a portion of SeaWorld and is a must-visit for when you want to beat the summer heat.

Just Add Children

When it comes to the most exciting playground in San Antonio, Just Add Children is the place to be. Just Add Children is the most favorite indoor playground in the city. It is a fun place not only for children but also for adults. And it isn’t just a playground. It is also a party center where families can hold events and occasions.

Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum

Another unique and interesting attraction to see in San Antonio is the Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum. In this museum, you will see different forms of art embedded on a toilet seat. The collection is made up of a total of 1,200 toilet seats that are artistically created and uniquely designed. It is a spectacular museum and really one of the cool places to visit in the city with your family.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Now if you want to go for some adventure, drive off the beaten path and visit the Natural  Bridge Caverns. Through the vast chambers and deep passages, you will see beautiful formations found deep in the Earth which are still building (slowly) every year. You can take guided tours to get an insight into the formations, or if you are really the adventurous type, they also offer spelunking adventures. But if you have younger children with you, make sure that they are not afraid of entering dark caves.

River Walk

The River Walk is a two-mile stretch of dining and shops which is perfect for when you want to take a stroll. This is considered as one of the must-visits in San Antonio as it is one of the first of its kind. At night, it is also an excellent place to dine as a family while you enjoy the relaxing view of the river and some twinkling lights.


San Antonio is indeed one of the best places to explore with your family and children. And if you’re looking for a preschool that values your child’s education, please consider our San Antonio preschool.