What to Look for in a Summer Program in San Antonio

With summer just around the corner, parents are starting to look for the best possible summer camp experience for their children. Aside from providing an excellent childcare option during summer months, a summer camp program teaches valuable skills kids can use in the future. It can contribute to a child’s personal, social and intellectual development. And because the options are almost endless, it is important to make sure you choose a summer program that is a right fit for your child. Here are some of the things to look for in a summer program in San Antonio.

The summer camp’s emphasis

What your child may want to learn and experience from the summer program is an important factor in choosing the best camp. Find out if there is a specific area they want to focus on. Do they want to improve their skills in arts and crafts? Or are they interested in swimming or sports? Do they want to attend a camp that offers a wide variety of activities? Make sure that you select a summer camp program that focuses on your child’s area of interest.

Tuition and fees

If you have a specific budget, it’s also essential to look for a summer program you can afford. Find out how much it costs to enroll your child in a summer camp. Check if the tuition includes meals, transportation, insurance, entrance fees, health services, special trips, use of equipment, etc. Also, find out if the tuition has to be paid every session or if it has to be paid in full upon enrollment.

Staff and counselors

The people who are working in the camp are those whom your child will spend most of their time with. That’s why it is so important to check the qualifications and the background of the camp counselors. Take time to know these people and find out if they have been well trained for the job. Do they have adequate experience that makes them effective at what they do? Have they worked with kids before? What is the ratio between the staff and campers? Do they have the right training?

Health and safety

When looking for a summer camp program, also see to it that your child will be 100% safe. Check if they have a trained first aid staff. Make sure that there are people assigned to supervise children during each and every activity. Learn about their policies and procedures when it comes to handling accidents and minor injuries, as well as other emergencies. Does the camp have a plan laid out during emergencies when they can’t reach the parents? Do they have staff which are certified in first aid and CPR, for children and adults?

Daily activities

To make sure your child gets the most of their summer camp program, they must be engaged in all the activities as much as possible. Does the summer camp provide different types of activities which will keep your child interested? Does the camp offer excellent learning opportunities for campers through their curriculum? Will your child get plenty of opportunities to move around and be physically active?

Opportunities to grow more independent

Summer camps are a perfect place for your child to practice independence. Camps provide them opportunities to make decisions for themselves without anyone telling them what to do. Making little choices in life in the safe environment of a camp helps children develop who they are.

Opportunities to learn new skills

The nice thing about a summer camp as a childcare option is that it is quite different from the structured and overly organized routines of school. A camp is a place where your child can enjoy carefree living while developing certain skills and learning how to get along with other campers. Make sure you choose a camp that provides these opportunities which will shape your child in becoming a better person.

Sending your child to a summer camp is an excellent step to help their short term and long term development. Use this guide to select the best summer camp program which nurtures life skills your child will need for the future.