Best Christmas Gift Ideas for National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

The holiday season is the time to give and receive gifts, such as books, toys, and movies. Children look at different toys that shine in malls that make their eyes sparkle with joy. Parents, on the other hand, worry about the safety of the toys they buy.

What are the best gift ideas?

Approximately 10 years ago, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported around 251,700 toy-related injuries treated in emergency rooms in different hospitals. Around 72% of the casualties included youngsters below 15 years of age. Toy makers want to prevent these injuries since it affects the children that want toys and the parents who purchase them as gifts.

How to carefully inspect toys?

Aside from enjoying shopping trips to the mall, make sure that you raise awareness of this issue for other families you know.

Make sure to inspect the toys before you buy them. Try to avoid toys with sharp edges, lots of little parts, or parts that can be easily pulled off. (Especially if it’s for a baby or toddler)

  1. Check the labels for recommended ages and skill level. Make sure the age and skill indicated are appropriate for your child.
  2. Look for the label that says ATSM which means American Society for Testing and Materials. This ensures the toy manufacturer complied with quality requirements.
  3. Parents should try out the toys before buying them.
  4. Refrain from buying toys that contain cords and ropes that can be harmful to kids. Also, avoid coloring materials that do not show non-toxic labels.

What are the best Christmas gift ideas?

With Christmas nearly here, parents swarm to the nearest mall. It can get crazy browsing every shelf, rack, and department. To avoid long lines, prepare a list of all the toys that you intend to buy beforehand. Read through this list of gift ideas to make shopping easier.

For 5-year-old children

Every parent wants their young children to continue building their skills in time for school.

Pedal bicycle (with training wheels)

Every child longs to have independence during their childhood. When they receive their first bicycle, they feel excited even if they don’t know how to ride. Bicycles symbolize independence, transportation, and mobility. It teaches kids about safety, basic rules and regulations, and even discipline. Find a bicycle that is safe for children.

Gonge river stones

Back in the day, children use to pretend that the floor was lava. Through their imagination, they be anything they want, from superheroes to supervillains. These river stones amplify their imagination and present a physical challenge. Whether kids play indoors or outdoors, this toy gives a safe experience.

Children develop their balance and coordination from this game. They learn to adapt to the environment and survive an obstacle course with their friends. Some use this in physical and occupational therapy since it aids in the development of physical attributes. Other teachers use these stones in PE classes.

Teepee playhouse

Teepees give children their own privacy and space. Here, they can decorate and fill it with their favorite toys. Some children bring their best friends and talk about how their day went.

Children with great imaginations enjoy this kind of gift. Other times, parents encourage their children to read whenever they spend time inside. To most children, when they get their own, it’s their safe haven.

Coloring books and crayons

For those who indulge in arts and crafts, coloring materials, such as crayons and oil pastels entice them to be creative. These are best when paired with coloring books. Coloring books come in different themes, like animals, fairytale characters, or even popular people. The more children color books, the more they exercise their color coordination and cognitive skills.

Remember to always check the labels and observe the packaging of toys before buying. Ensure that it’s safe and appropriate for children. Let’s continue to raise awareness and educate people about obtaining safe and quality toys.