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For busy families, working moms and dads, it’s a tough world out there trying to find quality child care for your little ones. When you have a hard enough time getting through the day with work deadlines, house chores, and grocery shopping, worrying about the quality of your child care center should be the last thing on your list. Having a baby is a wonderful life experience, but is more than challenging. When it’s time to head back to work and go through the grueling process of finding a child care center, make the search a little easier by contacting The Pillars Christian Learning Center. With many centers out there just do the minimum for your child, we go above and beyond in our approach and genuinely care for the children that are under our roof.

faith based educationThis blog will serve as a resource for you to gain the knowledge about all things child care related. We want to show you how our methods of caring will exceed your expectations, why you want to choose a community of faith for your child and why our practice of child education will give your toddler the advantage they need in a challenging education environment.

Child Education and Development

First and foremost, your child’s education is a priority for us. We want to share with you our education center, which is more than just a day care center. From infants to toddlers, to school age children, we want to give your kids an education that is based on faith so that they are able to go into the world with the building blocks necessary to succeed. From an early age, children are learning and being influenced by the things around them. When you place your children in our learning center, they will be surrounded by passionate, compassionate, knowledgeable, and loving teachers and care takers. Your children will learn to respect, cooperate, learn, and play with one another. In our before and after school programs, we will focus on regrouping and discuss anything that happened during the day. We will also focus on school work and giving your children the opportunity to ask questions about their work.


At The Pillars Christian Learning Center, we are proud of the curriculum we use and want to give your child the learning foundation to succeed in following years. Our faith-based educational curriculum, A Beka, will teach your little students the essentials and more. Along with this traditional education, our students will have fun learning and will have fun together. We have a variety of activities that aid in learning.

child educationNutrition

We understand that a nutritious start to each day has immense benefits on learning and aids in child development. A well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and snacks will give your little one the boost they need to stay focused and excel in learning. Our staff cooks create fresh foods that align with program requirements.

You can see that our learning and child care center is more than just day care. With a focus on child development and education, our faith-based child care center offers a variety of programs and learning opportunities throughout the day. From when you drop of your child in the morning, to when you pick them up in the evening, you can be confident that your child is getting the best care and education possible. Contact us today for a tour!