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How to Encourage Learning

There are some children who are born with an active imagination and a strong eagerness to learn. They are constantly asking questions and exploring their world for new information that they can use. On the other hand, there are children who find it difficult to grasp ideas and have a hard time finding interest in various topics. So how can teachers and parents help to encourage a love of learning in every student that walks into our daycare?

Read to Them

Knowing how to read can open up vast new worlds of information. Even though your three- or four-year-old won’t be reading Dickens or Shakespeare any time soon, there are hundreds of fantastic kids books that give children an opportunity to read and learn. Having these books readily available will make it easy for them to pick up their favorite. Make reading time a regular part of your routine as well, so you can read to them and they can read to you. We make reading a priority at our daycare in San Antonio.

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Encourage Choice

When children are aware that they are able to make decisions, they will be much more excited about doing so. Even if it’s choosing the book they want to read, or the side dish that goes with dinner that night, having input in these types of decisions will help them feel comfortable enough to make more difficult decisions later on. Confidence goes hand in hand with making a contribution to certain decisions, even the little ones.

Show Enthusiasm

Even when your child is excited about a dirty worm he or she found in the yard and decided to leave it on your kitchen counter, having and showing an interest in nature (or whatever it may be) is a great place to start encouraging learning. When your child takes the initiative to explore science, reading, or even playing, make an effort to be excited about that interest. This will boost their confidence and show them that learning is fun and just plain cool.

Day Care San AntonioShow Them What You’re Learning

Learning should take on a variety of forms and should happen at all stages of life. When you show your child what you learned, or talk about what you are interested in, they will recognize that even adults participate in learning, not just kids. Show them you learned a new recipe, tell them about the book you are reading, or listen to a podcast together.

Ask Questions

When your child comes home from daycare, ask them what they learned that day. Don’t just ask about the test that day or grades, but ask specific questions about what the lesson was about. This may take some practice, but being able to tell you what they learned in their own words will help the new knowledge stick in their minds. And when they do get a good grade, be sure to celebrate those accomplishments so they can take pride in their work.

Learning is definitely not always easy or fun, but when it becomes a natural part of children’s days, it won’t feel like a chore as they grow older. Learning stems from an active imagination and curiosity, so to encourage learning, also encourage play and understand there are several types of playing as well. Our daycare teachers love watching students explore and learn the world around them. If you’re looking for a daycare in San Antonio, give us a call today for a tour.