Get Your Kids Talking About School with These 6 Tips

Trying to have a conversation about school with your kids is not easy. And many parents can’t seem to find the perfect approach. While there’s really no secret recipe on how you can get your kids talking, there are some strategies you may need to learn and apply. And it’s not just as simple as asking them the question “how was school?”

Are you also struggling in this area when it comes to your children? Here are some points that will teach you how to talk to kids about school.

Welcome your child with an enthusiastic greeting

Do you welcome them with a question instead of a comment when they get home? Your child is more likely going to be defensive or intimidated. Instead, as soon as your child gets home from school, give them a warm and enthusiastic greeting. You can try saying “Great to see you!” or “I missed you today” This is a better way to welcome your child after school.

Give your child some space after school

Just like grownups need some downtime after work, your children also want to feel a little relaxed and chill after a day at school. You never know what they had to deal with the entire day. So give them some space and allow them to take a breather.

It would even be better if you prepare some snacks for them and then sit down and watch them eat. Have a little chitchat about some things not related to school. Think about some interesting conversation topics for kids that your child might enjoy talking about with you.

Learn about your child’s activities at school

The more updated you are about the events, schedules and activities that your kids have at school, the easier it will be for you to connect with them. It will be easier for you to come up with the right questions to ask.

For example, if you know that your child visits the library every day, you can ask “What book was introduced by your librarian today?” Or if you know that it is their PE class every Friday, you can ask them about the games they played on the playground.

Ask open-ended questions

When you finally start the conversation about school, make sure you ask open-ended questions.  Again, veer away from asking the same old and generic “How was school?” Using this approach will not give you the answer that you need.

Instead, be creative with your approach. Use a more specific question so you can also get a specific answer. There are plenty of open ended questions that you can ask your child if you want them to talk about school.

An easy example is to ask “what game did you play during recess today? Can you tell me about it?” From their answers, you can tell whether they had a great day or if there is something that’s bothering them.

Listen attentively

When your child begins to tell you stories and share some stuff about school, make sure that you listen attentively and you pay close attention. You need to make them feel that you have all ears on them. This way, they will enjoy talking to you and will talk you again next time because they know you are there to listen.

Also, when they start talking about their day, it will be better if you hold off more of your questions and just let them do the talking. Control your tendency to jump in with more questions. Just listen when your child relates the events during their day.

Talk about some interesting things that happened to you

One of the best ways to start a conversation about school is by talking about stuff that kids can easily relate to. So think of something funny or an interesting event that happened during your day. Share these things when you’re gathered around the table for dinner. Your kids are most likely going to respond with their fair share of funny moments at school as well.

Getting your kids to talk about school day might seem like a bit of a challenge. But these tips should help make it easier. Looking for a school which focuses on your child’s holistic development? Please visit our San Antonio preschool.