Tips to Prepare your Children for the New School Year

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Prepare school essentials in good time

It’s August, summer is finally coming to an end and the new school year is right around the corner. Time for  parents and students all over the country to start their back to school preparations. Whether your children look forward to this event or they dread the regimented school days ahead, one thing is for sure – back to school entails another big transition. Help your kids cope with the biggest adjustments and make those first weeks of school easier for them with the following tips:

Start talking about the upcoming school year

Before summer break ends, find opportunities to talk to your child about the upcoming school year. Instead of allowing them to dwell on the post-holiday blues, get them excited about going back to school. Think of the things your child will love about school. It could be spending time  with friends, having time to play with other kids, or about a subject they are interested in? Highlight these topics during your conversation so that they’ll have something to look forward to.

Help your child get familiar with the school

If your child is starting school for the first time, it would be good to get them familiar with it first. Take them to the school so they can get a feel of the school’s setting and the environment. If you can, visit  the school grounds, buildings and playground and take time to check out the classrooms, library and other areas. Allow your child to play in the playground and explore the grounds of their new school. Doing this will help them see what school is like and help eliminate their fear of the unknown.

Organize school supplies in advance

There are plenty of things to organize before school starts. There are  uniforms, books, stationery, and a lot more. Start organizing as early as possible. Not only will it reduce the back-to-school related stress, but it will also help your child look forward to heading back to school. It is good to get them involved in the process, too. Take them shopping with you and let them choose their own school supplies. The more new things kids get , the more excited they will feel about school.

Introduce new routines

Introduce new routines to your child before the school year starts. Move bedtime up a bit earlier if they have been staying up late during the summer months. Get them on the right routine based on their class schedule at school. Doing this will make the transition a lot easier and help ensure that their first weeks in school won’t be too overwhelming.

Go to the school for orientation programs

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Prepare your child for the new school year

Many schools conduct orientation sessions before the new school year begins. If this is something that’s being offered in your child’s school, take advantage of this program and join in. However, if the school does not have this, ask when you can drop by the school so your child can meet their new teacher. Taking a few minutes to introduce your child to the new teacher will help them feel comfortable before the school year officially starts.

Facilitate your child’s meeting with the teacher and other kids

It would help to make your little student feel more comfortable in their new school and classroom, if they felt connected with their teacher and the other kids.  If possible, make some arrangements for your child to meet the teacher and other kids in advance. Once they meet, the learning process becomes easier. This way, they will have new peers to play with once school starts, getting them more excited and reducing their back to school jitters.

Getting ready for a new school year can be daunting and overwhelming. But, whether they are starting school for the first time or heading back after the summer break, you can always refer to these tips to make the transition easier for your children.