Preschool Pros and Cons: Sending Your Child to Preschool

Sending your children to preschool is a choice for parents. This decision depends on many factors that affect you and your child’s life. Preschool is not a requirement for a child to go to kindergarten, but it’s a great prep for formal school. Should you enroll your kids in preschool? To help you decide, check out some of the pros and cons of preschool.

Pros of sending your child to Preschool

A preschool classroom environment setup is hard to replicate

At home, we can just let the kids do all they want. The environment at home is very different from the environment at a preschool. It is difficult to replicate this environment at home. Compared to homeschooling, preschool is a structured environment with a curriculum. Your routines at home will need to change and you have to be intentional if you plan to homeschool your children. Children learn much more at preschool with qualified teachers and are taught things they can’t learn at home.

Going to preschool trains the children’s social skills

Children’s social skills improve as they interact with their parents and family. Their social skills also improve as they go to places where they can interact with children their age. However, these aren’t enough. In school, children get to be with their peers and form deeper relationships with them. Children also learn how to resolve conflicts on their own. This gives your child new experiences and develops their interpersonal skills further.

Your child will learn to trust other adults and build relationships with them

Enrolling your child at preschool will introduce them to other adults. They may feel separation anxiety until they grow accustomed to school. Preschool helps your child grow more independent and gives them the opportunity to meet new people. In preschool, your child will learn to trust the adults around them. It will also teach them how to talk about their concerns with them.

A great way to prepare for kindergarten

The main purpose of preschool is to prepare children for kindergarten and regular school. Homeschooling cannot give the same kind of preparation that preschool can. After preschool, children are ready for regular school and have an easier transition.

Cons of Sending Your Child to Preschool

The Schedule may be difficult

There are some schools that are less flexible with their time and schedule. While some preschools are able to work with your preferred schedule, others will not allow it. Some preschools dismiss the children as early as three o’clock, which can be early compared to those who work until five o’clock.

Preschools can be Costly

Preschool isn’t cheap, and if you decide to enroll your child, it comes with a cost. There are preschools that are relatively cheaper than others, and tuition varies depending on the kind of preschool. However, preschool is more expensive than just hiring a babysitter or nanny. Aside from the monthly tuition, there are miscellaneous fees for books and school supplies to expect. If you have more than one child, this can be a dilemma.

You are going to deal with separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is normal for children as preschool is the first school they attend. This is a normal phase that children go through and, while it goes away after some time, it can be difficult to overcome. This is tough, especially when you drop your kids off and they freak out and cry. What you can do is assure them you are coming back and they are in good hands. Introduce them to their teachers ahead of time so they see a familiar face when school starts.

For most parents, the pros of sending their children to preschool outweigh the cons. Preschool is great for kids and is a huge milestone for the parents and child. It has a lot of benefits for their development and growth. If you are still torn on whether to enroll in preschool or not, let this article guide you. Read through the pros and cons and come up with a solid plan. If you are looking for a quality preschool program, please visit The Pillars Christian Learning Center.