10 Fun Indoor Games To Keep Kids Active

An object in motion tends to remain in motion. And what’s true for physics is also true for your kids. But, Isaac Newton didn’t have children. If he did, he would have known just how challenging it can be to get your child motivated for physical activity—especially when the weather’s bad.

Challenging, but not impossible. Children are naturally energetic. But, it only seems to show up when they’re outdoors. And if you’re a Texan, then you know perfectly well how the weather can go from great to inclement at the drop of a hat.

It might appear to be easier to plunk your kids down in front of a TV or an iPhone when the weather’s bad. I mean, there are plenty of great programs and apps that can not only educate kids, but can also teach them about the word of God. And let’s face it—old school toys just don’t seem to hold the same appeal for a preschooler that YouTube does. Even so, too much screen time isn’t only unhealthy, it’s also dangerous. Screen time can hinder a child’s development and it fosters laziness. 

You owe it to your kids to keep them moving. And, indoor games can sometimes be more fun than screen time. Much more fun. Here are ten of the best indoor games for kids when the weather’s simply not cooperating.


Transform your home into a virtual labyrinth by using simple everyday objects to create an obstacle course. You’d be surprised how potatoes, furniture, and even clothing can take on a whole new meaning for a kid when they have to compete!


If you’re like most people, you probably have way too much bubble wrap on your hands. Why not put it to good use by throwing your kids a bubble wrap party? And let’s be honest, Mom and Dad, it can be just as much fun for you as it is for your kids.


We all know about the benefits of recycling. So, let’s put those old water bottles to good use! Just fill them up with water and use any old ball to knock them down. Not only will your children love to unleash their inner Earl Anthony, but they will build both concentration and coordination skills in the process.


We’ll admit it, this probably won’t work on carpeted floors. And, you probably don’t want your kids banging their heads on any furniture in the process (ouch!) Even so, skating across the floor in a pair of socks is still just as much fun as you remember it. Maybe even more so.


Your kids have probably mastered this already. Headstands don’t only improve circulation to the brain, but they also reduces stress and have been linked to a better night’s sleep. Try it with your kids today!


Children are natural impersonators. So, why not put those skills to the test by combining them with their love of animals? Hop like a frog or waddle like a penguin until you both get to the finish line. Just don’t be surprised if they get there first.


You likely have more spare change than you know what to do with. Take some small plastic cups and see how quickly both you and your kids can fill them with coins. Whoever lands the most pitches keeps the change!


Missing those matching socks? Or was the laundry monster just a little hungry again? See how quickly your kids can fill the laundry hamper with a good old-fashioned sock toss. 


Almost anything can be used to build a fort. Not just blankets and old clothes, but also pillowcases and even buckets can be useful. Be creative, but also be safe. Your children will have just as much fun knocking them down as they did building them up!


If hide and seek seems a bit too simple for your toddlers, then try this variation. Everyone seeks while only one person hides. When someone discovers the hiding spot, they join those in hiding, resembling a can of sardines. The last person to join is the odd person out!

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