Online Learning Tips: Helping Your Child Adjust to Remote Learning

In education, there has long been a slow shift underway toward online instruction. That has accelerated recently, both taxing school systems and forcing major adjustments for all involved.

As you and your children adjust to this new set up, it’s important for parents to help their kids establish healthy routines so they can stay focused on learning. Help your kids cope with the transition to remote learning with these online learning tips.

Create a schedule

Young kids are easier to manage if they are guided with well-established routines. Instead of giving them a free hand on how to go about their day and attend to online education any time they please, it would be best to create a schedule for them to follow if there isn’t one yet.

Wake up time should be set so they get up in the morning just as they would if they had to travel to a school. Have them take a shower and eat their breakfast. 

Schoolwork, including homework, should be scheduled the same time every day. Make sure they finish their online education first before playtime and other stuff.

Impose digital quarantine

For most kids, being at home and out of a traditional school setting means more time for gadgets and electronic devices. It means more time to watch TV, play video games and log on to the internet.

This is where more stringent screen time rules come in. Children must be made to understand that because they are at home does not mean that it’s going to be all playtime.

Make sure that electronic devices, except for their dedicated laptop, are kept away from them until they’re done with schoolwork.  There shouldn’t be any distractions when it’s time for online learning so that it receives their undivided attention.

Create a space conducive to learning 

In schools, classrooms are designed to make learning conducive for children. To make sure your little one makes the most of their online education, it’s best if they are able to work in a comfortable and quiet spot in your home that is free from distractions. 

Find a room, or even just a nice corner, that you can convert into a learning nook. Set up a table and a cozy chair. Decorate it with posters. Put their books in there as well as other learning materials. 

Treat online school like a “real” school

Make sure your little one takes homeschooling seriously by treating it like a real school. They should tackle their homework and make sure it’s done before they’re allowed to play. They should attend classes daily and work on getting perfect attendance.

Do close monitoring

Because this homeschooling setup is something new to your child, it’s important that you check their engagement with the lessons and confirm that learning takes place.

Are they absorbing the lessons or are they zoning out? Take time to monitor their progress by observing them as they take their online classes. Are they having any technical difficulty or is everything going okay? You can also ask them questions by the end of each lesson to check learning.

Get them to take breaks

Just like we need to take time to step away from work to keep our sanity, kids need to take breaks from studying, too. This is true even if they’re only doing it at home.

Not only is it important to give them time to have snacks and rest their tired eyes and brains. It’s also important to let them take a quick break from screens.

In a regular classroom setting they’d get break time so this should be no different.

Set up virtual playdates

Who says your child can’t stay connected with their friends? Leverage the internet to help your little one maintain friendships even from a distance. There are several platforms they can use so to chat and even play with their classmates and friends, despite the distance.

Learning from home presents several challenges especially when children are first trying to get used to this new setup. But with the help of these tips, you can help them navigate this journey with ease and have fun while learning. 

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