6 Exciting Summer Camp Activities You Can Recreate at Home

Kids have various ways of spending their summer breaks. Some prefer to spend most of their free time playing with playmates and having fun. Some make the most of their time to learn new skills. While some others head off to enroll in summer camp programs. And why not? Summer camps are a perfect venue for having fun while acquiring new skills and learning lifelong lessons.

But what happens if there are no summer camps? Or your little one just won’t be able to join? It’s kinda sad but don’t worry! There are actually cool ideas you can try to recreate summer camp activities in your own home!

Have a campout night

One of things that completes the whole summer camp experience is sleeping in a tent, under the stars. If you have adequate space in your backyard for some stargazing and camping out, you can put up a tent for the whole family to sleep in. And don’t forget the best part of the night – S’mores!

But who says that camping out can only be done outdoors? You can also have a campout night indoors by putting up a makeshift indoor tent. All that’s needed is a little creativity! Create a starry sky by hanging glow-in-the-dark stars or sticking them to the ceiling. Turn off the lights and play some nature music in the background to make it feel more outdoorsy.

Play field games

Summer camps are extra fun because of outdoor games! Be sure not to miss fun field games like tug of war or scavenger hunt. Not only are these games fun and exciting but they also unleash your competitive spirit! So get geared up and be sure to get every family member participating for fun afternoon games over the weekend!

Host a talent show

Talent shows are also one of the most exciting parts of a summer camp program. When recreating summer camp at home, you may want to try hosting a talent show where every member in the family gets to showcase their talents and skills. To make it extra fun, try to inject a little creativity. 

For instance, instead of giving each one the liberty to choose their performance, you will have to randomly pick from a given set of tasks. Now, it will all be up to every member how they will make the performance outstanding to win the game!

Cook a favorite camp meal

Is there one specific meal or dish that reminds your child of fond memories of summer camp? Now’s the best time to recreate it in your own kitchen. Or even add your own little twist to it. 

If you’re not familiar with the dish, do a bit of research before gathering the ingredients. Invite your little one to get involved in the preparation to teach them a thing or two about cooking, too. Not only is this an excellent way to replicate a fun summer experience. It’s also a good way to bond with your kid!

Create arts and crafts

Does your little one exhibit an interest in creating arts and crafts? Summer vacations are the best time to encourage them to channel their inner artist! Gather recycled objects and art materials and let your child transform them into a masterpiece. You may give them ideas on what they can create out of what they have or you can also let them create an artwork from scratch. Let their imagination run wild! Just be sure they’re working with kid-friendly materials and they don’t end up hurting themselves in the process.

Be a young scientist

Young kids are naturally curious. They ask a lot of questions and are always interested to learn about the things around them. Turn their curiosity into a learning opportunity by incorporating science experiments into your summer camp activities at home.

The internet is a vast resource of kid-friendly, age-appropriate science experiments you can replicate at home. Some experiments you may try include topics about the water and life cycles, the phases of matter and a lot more. 

Summer camps provide kids with great learning experiences which help them acquire new knowledge and skills. Be sure your child still gets to have fun while learning during school closures, with or without actual summer camps, by trying out these ideas!

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