6 Ways to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Children

Between the pages of a book, we can travel from one place to another, explore a different world, live a different life, or be a different person or character, even if it’s for just a quick moment. Reading is a wonderful way to escape reality. And for young kids, reading is more than just a source of entertainment; it can benefit them in several different ways.

Reading is essential for a child’s learning and development. Establishing positive reading habits can help children succeed in school and beyond. Reading can help kids improve their concentration and memory, nurture creativity and imagination, and it serves as an excellent exercise for the brain. These, and more, are some of the reasons why parents should encourage their kids to read. Here are some tips on how you can encourage your children to make reading part of their day.

Make reading a personal habit

Good reading habits start with parents. Even before your little one is born, children benefit from being read to. .Read out loud both before your child is born and after you bring him or her home. The sound of a mother’s voice creates a soothing rhythm to a child’s ears. 

Set a good example

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into magazines, newspapers, or books it would further encourage reading if your little one observes that you’re into reading, too. Set a good example and your child will follow suit. Be a role model and your child will see how important and enjoyable reading can be.

For instance, instead of spending hours bingeing your favorite TV show or watching movies, why not spend more time binging on your favorite reads? An even better idea is to invite your little one to join you with his or her own book so you can read together. 

Create a reading nook

If possible, carve out a spot in your home that can be used as a cozy reading area where your child can enjoy some quiet time and become engrossed in reading something that piques his or her interest. A reading “nook” doesn’t have to take up a lot of space or even have a lot of bookshelves. It can be a little quiet space that you fill with a few books and other fun and interesting reading materials. For example, you can place a couch or a cozy chair in a corner of your home with adequate lighting so your child can focus and enjoy reading with comfort. 

Take trips to the bookstore or library

People who love reading find the library or bookstores to be heaven. Foster in your child the same penchant for reading by taking them to the nearest library or bookshop. These places are a vast resource for many kinds of reading materials that are appropriate for various age groups.

In addition, be sure to allow your child to make their own choices when it comes to choosing something to read, whether it’s a book, comic, novel or a magazine. Children are more likely to start and finish reading something they picked out by themselves than the ones others pick out for them. Be sure to bring your kids  to the right section where they can find reading materials geared toward their age group and reading level.

Fill your house with interesting reading materials

Young kids who are surrounded by a vast array of reading materials are more likely to grow up to be lifelong readers. Encourage good reading habits in your child by surrounding your home with a wide array of interesting reads that they can easily comprehend. Make it a point to have a book or magazine within reach in your living room, in their bedroom, or even in your car. 

Make reading part of your kids’ bedtime routine

Like they say, “Start them young.” Help your little one fall in love with reading during the early years by incorporating reading into his or her bedtime routine. Have your child pick out a book, even if it’s the same one over and over again. This helps them learn to associate the habit of reading with unwinding and relaxation. 

Reading can benefit young kids in several different ways. Encourage good reading habits in your kids early on by following these tips.

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