Choosing a Quality Preschool Program: Why It Matters

When we talk about preschool, many parents immediately envision their little ones being placed in a structured environment where they practice reading and writing. However, there’s so much more to a quality preschool experience than one may think. While it’s true that enrolling your child in a quality preschool program can help expose him or her to learning the fundamentals of academics, there is so much more to a good preschool program than many of us realize. 

In preschool, youngsters become familiar with the basics like the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and more. But these aren’t the only things children learn. In addition to enriching our children’s cognitive development, a quality preschool program also helps young children hone their developing emotional and social skills, which are essential when it comes to achieving success in the future. These vital life skills help to equip little ones with the skills they need as they grow up to become well-adjusted and successful individuals.

If you’ve been having second thoughts about your little one attending preschool, here are some of the reasons why you might want to reconsider.

Preschool prepares kids for formal schooling

Kindergarten is a stage during which academic fundamentals and concepts become more significant. If you want to set your child on the path to success, it’s best to send him or her to preschool in order to build a foundation before he or she attends kindergarten. 

Preschool provides an environment in which academic learning is mixed with fun. Like many parents, you may feel worried that sending your child to school too early may deprive him or her of  daily playtime and or force your child to grow up too fast. Rest assured, this isn’t the case at a quality preschool center. A good preschool program equips young kids with important pre-literacy and pre-math skills while also preserving the importance of playtime as it supports learning and development. 

It’s also in preschool that young kids learn about routines, following a schedule, and listening to directions – all of which are essential when they step into a more structured academic environment in the future. 

Preschool introduces the fundamentals of math and the alphabet

It’s never too early for your child to start learning his or her ABCs and numbers. One of the many benefits of preschool is that your child be introduced to the fundamentals of literacy and counting while having fun! In preschool, children are taught how to recognize and write letters, as well as how to identify numbers and count, through playing games. Preschool children engage in fun learning activities, such as playing with educational toys, storytime, games and more! 

Preschool promotes social and emotional development

A preschool program isn’t only focused on a child’s cognitive development. It also helps to enrich a child’s emotional and social development.

Just like adults, children also need to develop their social skills in order to be able to build healthy relationships in the future. They need to learn how to make friends, get along with others, and resolve conflicts. These are some of the wonderful life skills your child can learn in a good quality preschool program.

Because this is the first time your child may be away from home, preschool can also help him or her build self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Preschool promotes the development of language and cognitive skills

Young kids learn their first words and sentences at home. When you send your little one to a quality preschool, you are helping them strengthen their language skills even further. Preschool offers a language-rich environment that provides young children with extensive opportunities to expand their vocabulary. They’ll learn how to construct more complex sentences as they express themselves as they engage in conversations with their teachers and peers.

Preschool teaches independence and self-reliance

At home, many kids are accustomed to having their parents do many things for them. From getting dressed to keeping their belongings organized, we as parents will often do whatever we can in order to make our children’s lives easier. In preschool, children have the opportunity to learn and build a sense of independence. They are provided with opportunities to perform simple tasks on their own, instead of relying on their parents. These tasks might include washing their hands, taking off their own shoes, or unpacking their lunch. 

Early childhood education plays an important role in a child’s future academic success. Be sure to give your child the quality education he or she deserves. Enroll your little one in a quality preschool program. Feel free to reach out to The Pillars Christian Learning Center to learn more.