6 Helpful Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents

There is no doubt that being a parent can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. However, parenting can also be challenging and time-consuming. Many parents feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done! The stress of juggling work, family obligations, and personal needs can be overwhelming at times. Many parents find themselves with less time than they would like. If you find yourself caught in a similar dilemma, you might find these time-saving tips handy so you can capture some time for yourself each day.

Get everything ready the night before

Are mornings chaotic in your home? You can save yourself time and stress each morning by getting everything ready the night before. Instead of wasting valuable time in the morning, plan ahead and set up whatever you can at night, including yours and your kids’ clothes, school backpacks, shoes, lunches, and anything else your family needs before heading out the door. 

Not only is this an excellent way to help you save more time. It’s also a good strategy to make sure everyone starts the day on a less stressful and frenzied foot. You’ll thank yourself you got this part covered the night before.

Establish which “to-do” items take priority

As a parent, it can be easy to strive for perfection and feel the need to do everything right. But there are many things over which we have no control as parents. We all have limitations. That’s why setting priorities is important, which means making sure the most important parts of your life get attention, from start to finish. 

It’s unrealistic to expect yourself to be a perfect parent all of the time, but you can help yourself by setting some priorities. For instance, if it seems like there are too many things on your plate and not enough hours in the day, try to determine which ones require urgency and attention. Prioritize these tasks first. Then you can figure out how to address the less important items on your list, or maybe delegate them to others if possible. More importantly, don’t forget about your own needs when establishing your priorities. You need to take care of yourself too, because, as the saying goes, “You can never pour from an empty cup”.


Children are often eager to learn, and it’s never too early to teach them the basics of independence. They can start by picking up their toys! So, if you’re pressed for time or you need to delegate some tasks that might otherwise be challenging for a child, it may not hurt to delegate these tasks as well. Your child may just handle them just fine with your supervision.

Toddlers may not have much to offer yet, but if you have kids who are school-aged or older,  ask them to help out with simple household tasks, such as folding laundry or making their beds.

Be organized

It’s easy to save time when your home is well-organized. Be sure to have places designated for everything so you don’t always find yourself wasting your time searching for missing things like car keys, socks, or important papers. You can also organize your belongings into categories, such as cleaning supplies and kitchen appliances if that helps. Some people find it helpful to put labels on containers. This way, you know what the contents are without having to open it up every time you’re looking for something specific. 

Utilize technology

Technology can be a beneficial tool that will help you save a significant amount of time each day. Utilize this resource when it comes to getting things done in your life. You can use the internet and smartphone apps to help you pay bills online, complete bank transactions, plan your menu,  and more! Maximize this resource to help make your life easier. 


Another time-saving tip you might find handy is multitasking. You can shave minutes off of your day by doing two things at once, like folding laundry while cooking dinner. Or you can set the table as you wait for your food to finish cooking. 

The unpredictability of life is especially true for parents. However, you can make your life simpler and easier when you learn how to maximize your time and make each minute count. 

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