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How to Make Homework Fun and Engaging: 7 Tips for Parents

Is homework time a dreaded occasion in your home? Does your child tend to procrastinate and avoid homework by playing instead? If you’re like most parents, this is an all too familiar situation. Homework feels like an uphill battle for so many parents. So, how can you make homework more fun? 

Getting kids to prioritize homework time after school can be frustrating. The good news is that there are actually ways to make homework more fun and engaging for your kids and yourself.  Learn how you can make homework more fun for your little one with these helpful tips!

1. Motivate your child using incentives

Rewards or incentives can be an excellent way to motivate kids to complete their homework without a fight. Find a reward that will motivate your child. For younger kids, you might want to consider using stickers, toys, or snacks. Offer these incentives if children can successfully complete their homework before moving on to play time.

You can also offer special privileges as rewards, such as an extra 30 minutes of video game time or a fun movie night.  

2. Work together

Sometimes kids need your help in order to complete their homework assignments. Be sure to carve out time to guide and assist your with their homework if needed. You might mark your family calendar with daily homework time.  If your child’s assignments are not due right away, you might work on one subject or problem per day. Dividing homework into chunks can make homework completion more manageable and achievable.

3. Use technology to your advantage

Sometimes the burden of homework can be lessened when technology is readily available for learning, practicing, and reinforcing school concepts at home.  There are a number of apps out there that provide opportunities to practice math facts, practice tests for reading comprehension, and vocabulary-building games. These can all be used from anywhere!

4. Give your child breaks

Allowing kids to take periodic breaks between tasks can be beneficial. To help your child avoid procrastinating, allow them to enjoy some downtime after completing one task or problem set. You might give kids a few minutes to step outside, have a snack, or play. The goal is to ensure that homework doesn’t become an unappealing experience that children dread.

5. Make homework time fun

Believe it or not, most kids would rather enjoy doing homework! It’s hard to enjoy homework time if they dread the process.  You can change the way your child views homework by using fun materials and accessories. For instance, let children use colored pencils to highlight words in their textbooks. Invite your child to decorate book covers or practice papers with stickers.

Another trick for making homework more enjoyable is by incorporating games. You might create a math game that involves seeing how many problems your child can solve in five minutes. Maybe the winner gets ice cream! For younger children, you can purchase a play-money set and help them conduct an experiment to help them learn how coins or bills represent different values.

6. Connect with a homework buddy

If your child tends to have a hard time motivating, connecting with a homework buddy can make a world of difference. You can encourage kids to invite a friend over after school to do homework together. Be sure to reward them with free time for playtime, and provide snacks once their work is done. 

7. Create a designated space for homework

Designate an area of your house where kids can complete their homework. Avoid using a study area that is noisy or distracting. Kids should have sufficient space that offers good lighting for reading, writing, and completing assignments. The more comfortable and relaxed children are in this space, the more likely they are to enjoy doing homework.

Homework time doesn’t have to feel like a battle. Follow these tips to help you make homework fun and help your child enjoy the process.  

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