7 Tips to Help you Raise a Well-Rounded Child

In today’s world, where kids’ abilities are measured with high-standard tests, it’s easy for parents to forget that it’s not all about academics. While educational achievements are important, a child’s talents and skills are equally important. Their talents and skills are what’s going to give them the confidence that they need to prepare for adulthood. So, how do you raise a well-rounded child? Here are some tips to assist.

Establish a solid support system

Children need to feel like they have a solid support system at home that makes them feel both confident and loved. This is the kind of environment that parents should create for their kids. Help your little one grow up to become the kind of person who is both competent and ambitious; someone who is happy and satisfied with what they have achieved. And even if they fail at times, make them feel as though they are supported and loved, no matter what.

Encourage them to be outgoing

While it’s important for children to be surrounded by loving family members and friends, it’s also crucial that they are introduced to other people and to a variety of situations. They should be given the chance to step out of their comfort zones because this is what will help them to grow. For example, you can participate as a family in volunteer activities that are hosted by your community. You can also ask your children if they want to join a summer camp or a workshop so that they get to see new faces and meet new friends. This way, they learn how to establish friendships besides the ones that they already have with their playmates in your neighborhood.

Encourage curiosity

Curiosity feeds both creativity and imagination. In order to promote curiosity in your child, you have to make them feel as though they shouldn’t be afraid of failure. If they ask you questions, give them responses that will further encourage them to explore and discover. For example, you can say things like “Great question! I’m curious about that too!” Also, don’t be too strict when your child wants to explore the outside world. It’s okay for them to get their feet dirty and to explore their surroundings.

Encourage them to learn new skills

Isn’t it nice when your child finds something that they can be passionate about? Whether it’s related to sports, music, cooking, or other stuff, it’s great when kids discover new skills at a young age. Some children may not excel in academics, but they may begin to shine once they step out of the corners of their classroom. A new skill doesn’t have to be acquired  by joining workshops or clubs. They can be formed through things as simple as unstructured play or activities at home that encourage cognitive, physical, and/or overall development.

Praise them

Praising kids doesn’t mean that they always have to be rewarded with gifts. After all, we should raise our kids to grow up knowing how to value the things that money can’t buy. Give them your approval by showering them with both your love and caring words. Make sure that you don’t only focus on the outcome of their efforts because whether they succeeded or not, won or lost, the important thing is that they did their best.

Make time for reading

It’s never too early to encourage your child to read. Create the kind of environment that promotes reading by surrounding them with fun and exciting reading material. Take the time to read to them, especially before bedtime. Also, raising a well-rounded child requires you to be a good role model. Show them the importance of reading by indulging in your own favorite reads instead of thumbing through your mobile phone. 

Developing a love for reading at a young age promotes language development. It also promotes one’s imagination and teaches children about empathy.

Don’t push them too hard

While we want our kids to discover new hobbies outside of school, it’s imperative to remember not to push them too hard. Some kids quit activities when they feel pressured. Let them complete activities because they love and enjoy them, and not because that’s what you want for them. If they want to quit and try other hobbies, allow them to do so.

It’s not easy to raise a well-rounded child, but it’s also not impossible. Follow these tips to help you raise kids who are happy, confident, and successful.

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