5 Effective Ways to Help Boost your Child’s Immune System

Keeping ourselves safe in the midst of a worldwide health crisis is a challenge not only for our world leaders but also for us parents who want to keep everyone in the family safe. If we could keep our children away from unwelcome diseases at all times and wrap them up in a plastic bubble, we would, but that’s of course, outrageous and impossible. 

So what should we do then? The next best step is to work on boosting our child’s immune system.

Luckily we have antibodies that protect us by naturally fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses that make us sick. And it doesn’t really take much in the way of effort and resources to strengthen them.

Let’s take a look at some effective ways to boost your child’s immune system.

Probiotic-rich foods strengthen our gut flora

Our tummies house both good and bad bacteria. And while some can be harmful to your health, most bacteria do well in keeping your digestive tract healthy. Maintaining a good balance of good and bad live microorganisms in the gut is necessary for our gastrointestinal health, and boosting the presence of our good gut flora also equates to boosting our immune system. 

Eating probiotic-rich food such as yogurt, pickles, some types of cheeses, kimchi, etc, can help introduce live good bacteria in the stomach. Although supplements can do this too, finding natural food sources is always the ideal way to ingest them.

These probiotic-rich foods give plenty of benefits for strengthening gastrointestinal health. They also reduce the chances of your kids getting an upset stomach, developing autoimmune diseases, and having various food intolerances. 

Replace sugary snacks with fruit

Kids tend to have an insatiable love for snacks. Chips and other sweets are okay in moderation but are not an ideal food to give your kids as snacks for school, nor something to munch on a lazy weekday afternoon. 

So while kids are busy playing video games or watching TV, swap out these unhealthy snacks for yummy fruit slices. Not only are they sweet and healthy, but also a surefire way to help boost your child’s immune system.

Colostrum is essential

Remember when our kids were babies and they were so small and fragile? They nestled in our arms the moment they were born.

Babies don’t have fully-developed immune systems when they’re born. The colostrum from breast milk takes care of providing disease-fighting antibodies for them. As a result, kids who were breastfed and were able to take the colostrum from their mothers are less prone to sickness as they’re growing.

If you had trouble breastfeeding, you may think it’s too late for your child to get a chance at getting that nutritious first meal once they’re grown. Luckily, colostrum isn’t only found in humans. Calves and goats get them too, and supplements are available to help boost your child’s immune system. 

Introduce Green Leafy Veggies

Healthy meals also contribute to boosting your child’s immune system. Green leafy veggies most especially are helpful for your child in several ways.

There’s methylation that comes from sulfur-containing veggies that contribute to the body’s detoxification. There’s a reason why moms feed their kids brussels sprouts and broccoli. These veggies help provide the necessary B-vitamins that aid the process of methylation, which then helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the body.

Make them love the experience of taking healthy veggies by including them in fun meals and smoothies. Incorporate them in meatballs or pasta sauce. Whichever way you can find to add them, do so. This bit of effort will soon pay off when you have a healthy kid running around the house. 

Reduce Antibiotic Intake

Antibiotics are largely prescribed by physicians to help with bacterial infections. But avoid them when you can.

Not only do antibiotics kill bad bacteria in the stomach but they also affect the good bacteria in there too and that spells trouble for the body’s natural immune system. 

Though it shouldn’t be completely avoided as it does help in curing some ailments, making informed decisions about the medicines your child takes can do a lot in keeping their natural immune system strong.

Caring for your child means caring for their health and also their well-being. At The Pillars Christian Learning Center, we emphasize three fundamental pillars of health: a healthy mind, a healthy body, and a healthy faith. Find out more at The Pillars Christian Learning Center.