5 Activities that Nurture Parent and Child Relationship

It’s true what they say that becoming a parent is life-changing. As soon as you have that tiny little baby in your arms, things aren’t the same anymore and your whole life is geared toward an entirely new direction. It is no longer just about yourself nor about you and your spouse. You now have another being to take care of, nurture, raise, and build a loving relationship with. 

When it comes to parenting, we all share one goal and that is to raise happy and healthy children. This is where the value of the parent and child relationship comes in.

Your relationship with your child plays a significant role in their development as well as their traits, behaviors and values – things that help set them on the path to future success.

So, what do you do to strengthen your parent and child relationship? Take a look at some of the activities you may want to try.

Read bedtime stories together

Reading bedtime stories to kids doesn’t always have to be something that only parents do. You can do the reading together with your child. Encourage their participation rather than doing the reading all by yourself. Make it more exciting and interactive by asking them questions in the middle of the story. It can be a followup question to review the names of characters or it can be questions about what they think will happen next. Or you can also mimic the sounds of animals mentioned in the story or do a bit of roleplay to make the activity more fun and interactive.

Take them out to eat

If there’s one thing that binds people closer, it’s food! And it’s true for families, too. So, carve out some time to bond over good food with your little one. Take them to a restaurant or pizza parlor or ice cream shop of their choice. Also consider taking them to the park or nearby beach for a picnic so you both can enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. And if they’re also into fine dining, it would be fun to dress up fancy to make them feel as if you’re going out on a real date!

Join them in their playtime

There’s certainly nothing wrong with going back to being a child and joining your little one in their playtime. Whether it’s toy blocks, dolls, toy cars, or video games. It would be a great idea to try having game time with your kids, too! Maybe schedule a game night on Friday or Saturday nights and play a different game each time. You can also draw lots to see who gets the chance to pick the game for the night!

Cook a meal together

Another exciting activity for strengthening your parent-child relationship is cooking a meal together. So, get messy in the kitchen! Look for easy recipes you can create with your little one. There’s plenty that you can follow online or YouTube. Check for recipes that do not use a lot of ingredients and that involve simple steps and processes. 

If they’re into pizza, then go ahead and let them do the making of the dough and have them choose the toppings according to their liking. You can also make baked goodies such as cookies, or mini cupcakes. Not only is this an excellent way to bond and connect with each other. It also offers opportunities to learn some skills they could use through adulthood.

Creating arts and crafts

Because children love to get messy and play with anything they lay their hands on, making arts and crafts is a perfect activity for them. Perhaps even more so if you join them. Try to look around the house and find objects to recycle or convert into masterpieces. Use empty plastic bottles, paper cups or old newspapers. Let their imagination run wild and create something out of these materials. Create your own work of art, too, and put your finished products on display afterwards. 

The importance of spending quality time with your children cannot be overemphasized. Build memories with your little one they will forever cherish and nurture your parent-child relationship with the help of these activities!

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